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Sharing to email and linkedin for non-coder technophobes


I’d like to add share buttons on my website to allow visitors to email the page and to post directly on linkedin. I understand this is done by embedding a code. As a non-coder technophobe I need some help with what to do after dragging and dropping the embed link. Can you advise please.



Hi @Non-techie Welcome to the community! :smiley:

Try getting your code snippet here:

Then embed that code using an embed component:

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling:

Thanks PixelGeek.

How about the code for sharing by email?

Also, Is it possible to populate the email title?

Finally, is it possible to track the number of shares? Will I be notified every time the page is shared?



Hi @Non-techie, it sounds like there are a number of goals here with this, and what I would suggest, is to use a service like

Webflow does not keep any stats on number of shares or anything like that for embedded code plugins. If you use a service like AddThis, they have multiple share options and I think the ability to get stats on those.

AddThis is also pretty simple to install to a site, using some custom code snippets they provide.

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