Sharing my Website Remakes Tutorial Series! (Done in Webflow)

Hey everyone! I’ve been using Webflow pretty much full time for about 6 months now. I feel like I’ve learned an absolute ton of knowledge, and have picked up some handy tricks as well that I decided I wanted to share with the world in the form of my new series, “Website Remakes”!

My first project in the series was the Imagine Music Festival Website (home to Atlanta, the hub of our Agency) with the intention of recreating the Desktop home page entirely within Webflow.

This is a 5-part series made available on YouTube. Please check out the first episode below, and I welcome all comments/constructive criticism. A couple of my own notes for the future are:

  1. Include a 2-3 sentence statement attention grabber at the beginning of future episodes like the FLUX YouTube channel (“This episode we’ll continue with ______”)
  2. Maybe no need for the camera to be shown while in the designer… not sure
  3. Simply better speaking skills in future videos.

Here’s my finished demo site:
Here is the actual festival site:

Episode 1:

Series Playlist:

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