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Welcome to ” The Webflow Masterclass ”

You don’t need a developer, or to learn how to write code yourself. All you need to do is start using Webflow correctly, and you’ll discover yourself earning more with less stress.

The Webflow masterclass will allow you to come with me, and follow my process step by step, shortcut your learning so you too can create amazing websites , charge thousands of Dollars for them, and get them done in hours (to the praise of your clients)


  • How to convert your Sketch / Adobe XD designs to fully functional responsive websites.
  • How to create complex layouts & interactions.
  • How to sell Webflow websites to your clients (and explain the benefits over WordPress).
  • The EXACT steps I took to finish a website in 3 hours and make $1k per hour.
  • How to handoff your websites to your clients in a way that makes them LOVE and THANK you.
  • How to create multilingual websites.
  • How to use any font you’d like on your website.
  • How to add awesome effects to your website with custom JS code you find on the web.
  • How to set up an amazing CMS (content management system) your clients would LOVE.
  • How to manage SEO on your websites.


Everything necessary to allow you to build custom design websites independently & profitably

Module 1 – Getting Started With Webflow

How to get started, even if you have no experience with Webflow, HTML/CSS or designing for the web.

Module 2 – Structuring & Styling Principles

Learn the way I think about building and styling in Webflow to make my process super efficient (hint – it’s not a standard BEM system)

Module 3 – Process Examples

See how I work step by step, with real client work examples.

Module 4 – Content Management System – CMS

How to work with Webflow’s powerful CMS (and work around current limitations)

Module 5 – Finalising & Delivering Websites

Everything you need to do after the website is built to make sure your clients are happy, and the website is live.

Module 6 – Selling Webflow to clients

How to understand you client’s concerns and explain the benefits of working with Webflow.

Module 7 – Advanced Interactions

How to create a WOW effect to your website, without a sweat: scroll effects, popups and more.

Module 8 – Advanced Webflow Usecases

How to extend Webflow beyond the normal use cases: adding code, prototyping products and building multi-language websites.

Watch Here: Ran Segall - Webflow Masterclass - Google Drive

hi @Steven_Parker I hope you have a good lawyers when you offering someone else paid course for free. It Is illegal and unethical.
You are braking forum rules in really bad manner and you should just hope not to get BAN on this forum forever

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