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Share an editable Webflow page with someone else to do LIVE edits

Is there anyway I can share a page / project with someone else (Not to sure if they would have to be a registered Webflow user or not) and they can make edits on the page.

In a perfect world, I could see them making a new copy of the page and making changes to only that page (granted they don’t edit any Symbols) and just hack a new page Name with their initials or something that I know this is the new page.

So my JTBD

  1. Share a Webflow project site / page with someone else I give access to
  2. They can access a LIVE editable version of it (not read only)
  3. All changes made by ‘someone else’ I can then access and publish live or get the embed code from.

thanks Webflow team :wink:

p.s Anyone else have this need or know how to do this?

I see this as a need for hiring a javascript ninja to help me with more code extensive parts of a site I’m building.