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Shaky elements during animation

I’m getting this weird shaking during a button tap animation. Does anyone know a fix?


(sorry for the potato quality).

The animation is really simple - the div that these buttons are contained in just increases in size then moves upwards.

Any suggestions appreciated!

Hi, if you could add your read only link, we all could take a look. Off the top of my head it’s probably in the interaction, you shouldn’t use (px on one setting, then % on the other). This usually causes these types of results. Without seeing it I couldn’t help any further.

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Thanks for the reply Gary. I double checked and I hadn’t used different units anywhere and I wasn’t able to find a fix as such, I think it must be a bug. However just in case anyone in a similar position stumbles upon this post in future, I did find a workaround which just involved placing the buttons inside a different div with a transparent background, so the animated white div can still be seen behind it in a separate div.

Oh good idea! Glad you got it worked out. See ya.

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