SFTP access to hosting

Hi there —

One of our client migrated from Wordpress to Webflow.
We need to create HTML pages (out of Webflow), then upload them (through SFTP or SSH) to manually created web subdirectories.

From what I’m reading here, there is no SFPT or SSH access to websites hosted with Webflow, can you guys confirm this?
I’m reading that Webflow uses AWS, would SFTP be accessible through AWS?

Thanks a lot.

— AB

Hello AB,

The Webflow does not support the SFTP or SSH. You can have to create pages in Webflow builder and use the URL structure available there. I know it is not ideal and hopefully, they are doing something about it so in the future will become available. For SFTP or SSH, I don’t think that will ever be an option.

Thanks a lot for getting back Pkarpisek.

Is it still possible to publish a full HTML page, like built elsewhere?

— AB

There may be a way using the embed code, but I think will just generate a mess. So this is not a good idea. Try to write more about what is the website, how is the structure, and why you want to migrate to Webflow. May be a more “sexy” solution than importing HTML.

The already have migrated to Webflow, so that’s a given.
I need to design a full page in Codepen (including doc type, head section etc.), then have someone publish it as is in Webflow, without Webflow adding any code to it.

Is there a way?


— AB

A work-around would be to have hosting elsewhere. You could set a different subdomain for that hosting, say pages.example.com (where you’d name the subdomain ‘pages’). So the webflow cms part of the site is www.example.com, and these pages would just have the different subdomain.
I do that, my personal domain points to one place with www. , another with portfolio. , and so on.
There may even be some way to deliver both things through the www. subdomain, but that’s above my paygrade.
And since Webflow exports code, it’s easy to take bits from the code of the site proper to enhance your non-webflow pages - if you can use pure HTML, CSS and JS. It’s trickier with something like wordpress, where a lot of the writing happens in PHP. Dunno what codepen is like.
The webflow code export is a button at the top of the designer, next to the publish button. Can’t miss it.

Thanks a lot for your input, Sveinbjörn.

Feels a bit strange (to have to resort to such contorsion just to host a web page; no php btw), but ok.

— AB