Severing the Link Between Duplicate Sign Up and Login Pages. In order to Make the Pages Slightly Different

Good evening members of the web flow forum. To save time, I created three sets of duplicate sign-up and login pages. For 3 different types of users.

I would like to differentiate between the pages with different images that are more representative of each user type.

Hence there will be 2 unique images for each set of pages. One unique image for the “sign-up” page and one unique image for the “login page”.

The problem is that when I’ve changed the image for the sign-up page it is automatically reflected in the login page.

This indicates that the duplicate pages are connected. How do I sever the connection between the pages? Any help is much appreciated.

Sign Up Read Only Link: Webflow - Copy of Nadzeya

Login Read Only Link: Webflow - Copy of Nadzeya


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Hey, to solve this simply give each container a different sub class, as you set the background of these as the image. If the image would have been a seperate element you would not need to do this.

Simply apply the sub classes and then change the background image to whatever you want