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Severe Battery Drain

Why does my battery drain so fast in Chrome and Safari when designing in Webflow? Is there a trick to make it more efficient for a late 2017 MacBook Pro?

Same happens in Chrome and Safari

Has anyone else experienced this?

I have the exact same laptop, but to be honest, I have it always attached with the power cord.
Will try tomorrow without the cord and see if it drains more than normal.

Keep you posted :+1:

Thanks. I tried in Chrome and Safari and both drain very fast. I can normally work like 10 hours on my MBP, but with Webflow like 4 hours.

Maybe this is related…
I recently switched to Chrome, because Safari constantly gives this error message:

This webpage is using significant energy. Closing it may improve the responsiveness of your Mac.

I prefer Chrome as well, but I think the memory usage is worse. Just no message like that.

I think Webflow always was a memory hog so I never try using in for any prolonged periods of time with unplugged laptop. It’s just the way it is. Memory consumption sometimes lead to the dreaded “grey screen of death” and cpu spikes often so the power drain is predictable.