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Several Problmes with my Layout

Hello to everyone,
I am new here and try to figure out how everything works with webflow. I am no webdesigner and thats why I am SO happy how easy and smooth everything works out with Webflow. Ok, nearly everything, because I have some little problems which are driving me CRAZY. Maybe someone could help me. And sorry to everyone, in fact I am a newbie. Please be indulgently.

Here the Read-only link

and here the normal link

(I have two projects melted into one because of the limitation of pages, that is why the “home” and “movies” is missing in the read-only link)

There are two major Problems.

  1. Sticky Headline
    I want the year (headline) to be sticky. At the section “Singles” it works…but only shortly, then it stops beeing sticky. And I dont know why.

In case of Albums. the headline isnt sticky at all, although I (at least i Think) did completly the same here. What am I missing?

  1. Broken Slide

I have NO IDEA what I did. But the singles section is just broken. Like there are no bounderies between the slides, you can just scroll sideways through the years (Like it would be one big giant wallpaper). Its only at “singles”. Thats weird and I have no Idea why. To be honest: As I am quite unhappy with the Slideshow for mobile (especially at the single section), it wouldnt be THAT bad, if you can also scroll sideways. But then it would be even more important to have a sticky headline for orientation.

Thanks already for everyone who tries to help me. I am a big fan!

*edit here the “second” Project, where the home and “movies” is.

Trying to get what’s in your head to work in WF is great fun. I can tell I’ve tries so many different ways to accomplish what I wanted. Sometimes it works, other times not at all. Then I just remake the whole page. I learned a lot that way. First thing I had to learn is structure. I have to guess what my customers (the www) wants to see and how to make it presentable. Most EVERYONE uses their phones now instead of the desktop. Although it’s so easy to create for the desktop, I have to make it work for phone.

Your site has a lot of information and it looks like your trying to cram it all into one space. Spread it out, you have lots of room. Create a menu for each year so I can be lazy and just click on that year for info. Create a menu for Songs and Movies. I will get tired of continuous scrolling to maybe find something I’m interested in. Also, your pages are giant. Consider making them a lot smaller. Your looking at filling the whole screen, but as customer maybe it’s too much.

I noticed your template pages are empty. Use them too. Make the Songs one to show all the songs and the Movies for all the movies. Two free pages right there. For this project, you will have plenty of pages so put your Home and Movies with the rest.

This is an open blank canvas and there are SO many different options and ideas that no one may be correct. Only you know what you want to accomplish so trial and error will happen. There’s a lot to learn, use ALL of WF.

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First of all: Thanks for your response. You are probably totally right. I learned a lot during the whole build up, but of course, there are some baby problems from beginning on (where I was even more inexperienced than now), which are now hard to fix. maybe rebuilding is the best way.

And thanks for the other advices.Just that you know: With this website, i dont want to get big or something ;). I do those lists for more than 10 years by putting lot of work into this and then sending a couple of friends those lists :smiley:. Now i just wanted to create a website with those infos.

But yes: I want it to keep it as simple as possible. In the end it is probably still not that user friendly

But still I am curious about that sticky headline and why it doesnt stay sticky or even get sticky at all :sweat_smile: and why i can scroll sideways through those sliders

I looked at your sticky situation (ha!) and couldn’t see why it is being pushed up. Though I couldn’t see it, one thing is certain, the way the scrolling page is now, something else is bound to come in and push it up. Example would be the next year sticky. I am thinking if you utilize the template pages it will work a lot better. Use your cms and filter by year that sticky will stay. So since you have the template page, just leave your main page there and try to achieve what you want in the template. No one will see it unless you reference to it.

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THX! Probably we are again at the point, where i should try to rebuild it cleanly.

I also tried to use the CMS but unfortunately it is only possible to add 50 Items :frowning: Would have been perfect, but i need way more for those lists.

A cms of Songs will fill fast. Maybe try cms with Bands then their songs inside along with year, album, artist, picture(s), etc. Then your friends can sort by anyone of those items.

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