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Setting .xx / .xx for different languages


Anyone: I have two domains pointed to our website. One is .se and the other one is .com

What i would like to achieve here is to have a language switcher on the website, so that when a user press “english”, the user will se the english version which will be and when switching back to “swedish” - get connected to

The only solution I know now is to host two different projects, duplicates, and with two different domains pointed at them.

Also: would you see any problems with doing this? Thank you kindly in advance.

This is my fourth topic in a row with no response. Anyone?

I am sorry but I think that if you want to do anything even close to this, you won‘t be able to host your website on webflow.

  1. Webflow still does not support multiple languages natively.
  2. The domain switch when you change languages can be achieved with any backend framework.

I’m just saying I want to duplicate the static pages in to a group as right now. Today we have .se and .se/en.

You mean that I have to set up some sort of a proxy redirect to achieve this?

I mean the only way to do this in webflow that I can think of is if you make two separate websites in webflow and link from one to the other when you change language. (external link to your own page).

Such things can be achieved much more easily if you code the backend yourself.