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Working on setting up a microsite
Working dynamic content that pulls projects with thumbnails to the front but with my layout order how do i set it up on the front to pull thumbnails + title. And for each project display video, image and text.
similar to Versus Portfolio

Hello @Dillion_S_Phiri,
Could you share read only link to your project, please? It could help to find solution much faster. Guidance how to do this you can find here How to Enable a Webflow Share Link.


Hi Anna

I have redid the site using the template but now the layout is a bit messed up and also want to add project title on the front page with thumbnail.

Can you help?

Thanks in advance…

First of all, this link >>> gives error (page is not available), maybe something wrong with redirection settings.

Link from 1st post is working, but for help you I will need read-only link to your project in Webflow. Check guidance, as I suggested, please.


The dynamic content layout is messed up, supposed to be 3 in a row but there is one not sitting proper.

The domain hadnt propogated.

Hi @Dillion_S_Phiri, Can you please update your post with some more information so we can help you faster? Things like your read-only link, screenshots, and your environment info really speed things up.

Posting guidelines can be found here: Posting Guidelines for the Design Help Category

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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