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Setting up anker link

Hey, i’m facing the following challenge:

I have managend to set up some kind of a pagination for my blog articles.
I have pagination buttons 1-3.
A click on “2” links to a different page. The first section of my page is a hero shot and the list of articles follows in the second section.

Is there a chance that I can set up some kind of an anker link, so that a click on “page 2” links to page two an directly to the article section and not to the hero section?


Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Why not just make a new dynamic list at the bottom of your article page where you can go directly to other blog posts?

If that won’t work, please post your public link and I can take a look.

Here’s how to post your read only link. :wink:

Thank you for your response!
Due to the requirements of my client I need a pagination of the articles.
Feel free to take a look at my preview link.
The concering pages are:
“Startseite” and “Startseite Seite 2”

Here’s my preview link:

Yeah you can try giving the link the exact url to your site and add #anchortag to it.

But this will jump to that anchor link without any transition.

e.g. you have added an id of “test” to the article that you want your first “pagination” button to link to.
And the target page is called “article”. Then set the link url to:

But another thought: Do you think the user would expect this to happen? A pagination is typically not a feature to call up a separate site? Just some usability thoughts…

p.s. Falls du noch Fragen hast, schick einfach eine PM :slight_smile:

thank your very much for your help but I couldn’t manage to set it up.

I followed your instructions but unfortunately it didn’t work out.
Could you give some more details how to set it up?

Thanks so much

You already did, but the link is not the preview link (its something else).
See the link that you ve created on button no. 2 !

I cant reproduce the correct format for you, because I cant make changes within preview mode.

Do you have a live url link of your website (when you click on “publish”) ?

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