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Setting up agenda items in rows ... NEED HELP

Trying to key in an agenda and having trouble getting the items to line up correctly.

I started by using the list widget, but this didn’t work because some of the tables on the right are deeper than the times on the left.

Then I tried making text block, but again had the spacing issue. So I thought I’d get clever and put empty text blocks and bump the bottom margins to even out the space. It looked OK in Webflow (see #1), but live (see #2) the info is all jumbled up.

Surely I’m not the first one who has tried to do this. What’s the most efficient way to accomplish?



I would consider re-thinking how you’re structuring this. Logically, the time should be closely associated with the event, rather than in a list of other times. If it were me…

  1. I’d create a div to hold each time/event combination.
  2. Inside each would be an text block or paragraph for the time and another for the event.

I know this doesn’t totally solve your spacing issues, but I think it will put you on a better foot for getting there AND for having a better time of keeping logical formatting when you hit narrow views.

Good luck!


That’s an outstanding idea. Thanks. Still new at this Webflow thing, so what may seem simple to others, is not to me. Appreciate the quick reply and assist.

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