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Setting up a CSV to import multiple links to one property

I have a .CSV file with many real estate properties and their information.

Each property has a number of suites, and each suite has its own 360º video that I want to link to.

I’d like for all the suites and 360º videos to be listed on each property’s page, but can’t seem to figure out how to organize my .CSV for import in the CMS editor.

Can anyone help? Thanks!

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Usually, you would create a Property collection and a Suite collection, and the Suite collection would have a Reference field that points to the Property it belongs to.

Unfortunately, the CMS CSV import doesn’t support Reference fields. So, there’s no way for you to organize your CSV file for it.

That’s why I’m building It supports all CMS field types, including reference fields. You would upload one CSV for your properties, and one CSV for your suites. The suites CSV would have a column that points to the property it belongs to, and a column with the link to its 360º video.

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Oh Right on! Good thinking. Power importer sounds awesome! I’ll hit you up.

Thanks Marc