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Setting Range Values in Contact Form

Does anyone know how to create specific range values in a WF Forms field?

I’m looking to create 3 options in a dropdown that users can click one from.

First option would be values a-b
Second option would be c-d
Third option would be e-f.

Any insights and help will be greatly appreciated!!


You can simply set the options value as a-b, c-d, e-f respectively.

Hey Sam - Thanks for responding.

My challenges are that I want my users to state a value in each range:

Range one - They can state a number value between 1 - 9
Range two - They can state a number value between 10 - 99

Does this clarify?


Yes, in that case you need to use custom code to implement a range slider like this:

See it in action:

Hi Sam - Am I directly use (cut and paste) the codes shown in your example (

Please let me know?

Some modification is necessary. Please read the documentation.

Hi Sam - I’m not a developer/coder and so any help would be greatly appreciated!!
You mentioned “some modification is necessary”. I would imagine around the range values for sure. But what other mods would I need to do?

Your help would be greatly appreciated!!


Hi, yes the codes on that page teach you how to implement it the way you want.

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