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Setting cookie on web page

Hi there,

I have a website hosted with webflow called with a page on it called has a form embed on it from a form building company called ‘fast forms’ and on that form I have added a google translate dropdown plugin at the top.

The page is in german, HOWEVER the form I am embedding is in english. What I am looking to do is translate the whole page to german using google translate (the form will translate, the remainder of the page that was already german will stay the same).

I’m pretty sure this is possible using PHP, I just have to set the cookie on the page and then googles translate element will identify it and translate the form. I don’t know much about coding, so I need some help.

It sounds like I should set this php cookie (setcookie(‘googtrans’, ‘/en/de’):wink: in the browser page in webflow. I don’t know how to accomplish this, especially since webflow doesn’t support php. Is there other ways to set cookies?

To reiterate, what I’m hoping will happen is the google translate plugin on the form page will pick up that cookie value, select german from the dropdown, and translate the page (which is already in german) and form (which is the objective).

Here is the link I got my information from.

Let me know if you can help me. I really appreciate it!