Setting a page design as the default for all new pages including Collection pages...?

New to Webflow. Started building my portfolio site. FLove Webflow. Don’t 100% know how to use it.

I followed a tutorial to achieve a fun dynamic hamburger menu. I want to standardise this on every page including the footer etc.

Turning it into a symbol seems to stop the animation from working.
Would of happily had a “template page” that I duplicated for every new page but then the Collection Template came along. Which you need to create from scratch?

My first thought was to start copying stuff over but this will be a pain.

Is there a way to set a default page template that generates even for a Collection Template?

When I copy sections this also stops the animation from working, not sure exactly what to edit to get the animation working again.

Safe to say it will take a fair bit of mucking around to get it seamlessly working.
May have gone too big with the dropdown menu for one of my first sites but keen to make it work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Please Note you have to hide the “Menu Wrapper” Element in Layout > Display to see what’s behind the menu section in the editor.

When the below link loads for some reason you have to stop previewing and then re-preview to see the site work properly.