Setting a nav item as active based on a template item

So the client and I have decided to proceed without paying for an expensive store extension. As I have built the store, I have come accross one issue.

I have no idea how to conditionally set a menu item as active based on the category of a product.

I could duplicate the menu items and then have reverse visibility conditions for each. So I would have all normal menu items displayed, except the menu item with a switch that is on. And then I would need a switch for all 5 categories.

The objective is to have the text of the menu item as yellow when it is the “current” page, and white normally. The current page is considered to be a product of category relevant to the menu item title.

Is there an easier way to approach this without duplicating all the menu items and having 5 switches for every product to conditionally change the menu item active/current status?

Also, if you see something you feel needs critiquing on the site, please let me know. One thing we are currently working to is getting nicer product images up.

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