Setion link - srolling

Hi! any help for disable scroll effect when i have links to section

Here is my public share link:
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The whole page gets created when loaded.
So going to a part the browser has to scroll to it like you would do with a mouse or finger.
What do you want it to actually do?

Actually the nav bar links to separate sections over the one page. When i click on one of them i get a scrolling down effect and i want to cancel it.

Ok so when you click the link what do you want to happen, nothing or go to the section?
If you want it to go to the section then it has to scroll.
You could put a cover on each section and when it gets to the section you could remove it after a delay.

So I can’t disable th scrolling effect if i use links to section (anchor points) ?
there is another options to make it happen?
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Ok. that work for me

Good find, I am happy with the way it is currently but this could prove useful to others.