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Set where anchor stops on page

It’s works. Thank you SO much! :grinning:

I like that trick.
Also good to discover webflow has a custom attribute to centre the anchor in view port.

Do note, its data-scroll not scroll and I think the only value you can have is mid
I have not checked which one is more efficient in size or performance but at this point its more can you.

Hi Dave, Vlad’s post is either not very intuitive or not working for me. I have the position fixed and the navbar component directly on the body tag and still doesnt work.

This is a good workaround — but the parent element of the ‘Anqor-point’ div must be set to anything but ‘static’

Credit to @dram for this info from another thread.

I was able to set the nav to fixed. Then, give just the section that directly follows it (hero) a top margin equivalent to the height of the nav. That solved everything.