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Set up 302 redirects on Webflow

Hi, I’ve been trying to find how to set up 302 redirects on Webflow. I am working on a website redesign and have set up some 301 redirects, however, it will not be appropriate to set up 301 redirects for all the redirects that I need as some will be only used temporarily, as we continue to add the rest of the pages to the new website. I don’t want to use 301 permanent redirects for this instance because I do not want search engines to index the new website and think that those are permanent redirects… and I don’t want to ignore them either because I don’t want any loss in rankings… does anyone know how to set up 302 temporary redirects on Webflow?

All of my research so far has only uncovered the ability to do 301 permanent redirects on Webflow…

Unfortunately, you can’t set 302’s. There is no other option since redirects are server side.