Set Navigator so it NEVER closes

Hello —

Is there a way to set the Navigator panel so that it NEVER closes?

Currently as I click on divs on the site canvas the navigator keeps closing, making it really hard to know if I am selecting the correct

especially on a templated site that uses tons of nested div classes.

I feel this persistent open navigator behavior was the default before?
Can this be set anywhere in a Webflow Preferences or something?

Any advice would be helpful.

Also one of my pet peeves. It’s VERY irritating that the navigator doesn’t remain ‘expanded’

there’s a pin icon

Screen Shot 2023-10-31 at 3.02.16 PM

click the pin icon. top right of the navigator

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The issue is NOT about ‘pinning’ the navigator open. It’s about the navigation list staying EXPANDED!

This sounds different from what the original post is about but I tried to recreate your issue and I don’t see this on my end. When I expand the DOM structure, everything I’ve expanded remains open. Even when I leave the navigator to view Collections, Assets, Components, etc. When I return to the navigator everything is expanded as I left it. If I click on an element within the page, the navigator automatically expands to show me where the object resides. At what point does everything close when you’re using it?

Thank you! Was looking for this