Set inactive tab?

Hi, i’m using tabs on a website and since there is some empty tabs which i’ll get content in the future but are empty for now, i wonder if it’s possible for a tab to be greyed out/inactive. I don’t want to just delete but just make it inactive. Is there a way to do that?

Hey @Yannick_Duguay

Try adding a combo class to the tab link elements that are a work in progress.

This will allow you to grey out only those tabs. Then maybe in the content panes for those tabs put some kind of “coming soon” text.

Hope this helps. Happy designing!

That’s the thing i don’t want the content to appear at all. Let’s say i choose a tab with content that people see when the page loads, if they want to click on an inactive/greyed out tab, nothing would happen and the content wouldn’t change.

Add a combo class of hidden to the tab link and tab pane then turn the display setting to “none” for that combo class.

If you want it to be visible in the designer but no where else, you could use interactions on those elements and set the initial state to display none. But don’t add any interaction and the element will just stay in the initial state on the published site but be visible and editable to you in the designer.