Set grid to random except for 1 collection item

I have a grid set up with three columns and three rows to total nine sections.
I have set up the grid as a collection and a div inside each collection item.
I have 13 images to be displayed in the backgrounds of the 9 divs with the sort set to random/shuffle.

1 collection item, the 14th collection item, is information that I want displayed all the time.

My question is - Is there a way to ensure that 14th collection item is always selected in the random shuffle to be displayed in one of the nine sections?

Thank you!
Here is my site Read-Only: [Webflow -]

Hi Laurel, you’re wanting 8 randomly selected, and 1 pre-selected, and then all 9 randomly sorted?

You’d need to use custom code to do that. I think I’d approach it this way-

  • Take your card out of the collection, and make it a separate DIV, with id = contact.
  • Limit your collection list to 8 items, sorted randomly
  • On page load, move your contact card into the Grid

To position the contact card randomly, you may be able to insert it at a random position, or you can re-shuffle the list randomly after it’s appended.