Set expired date in webflow

Hi everyone,
I am working on a project and there’re a few requirements that I’m not sure Webflow could achieve.

  1. I do a project like posting a job recruiting staff with webflow but I want to set it as 15 days for start and close, So how do I set the date if a requirement is like that?

Thanks you!

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Hi Yoeun,

If you are just trying to make postings disappear at POSTING-DATE + 15 days, you just use a collection list with a filter on the date field.

For your collection page you’ll take a similar approach-

  • Place a collection list on your collection page
  • Bind it to your posts collection
  • Filter it to where post = current post
  • and also posting date >= 15 days in the past

For the “empty collection list” message that will show when the post has expired, you can put a nice expiration message, and encourage a search for similar postings.


yes thank you, Michael

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