Set dynamic URL parameter on dynamic collection pages

Hello! I am using collection pages for 200 different versions of my product. I have embedded code for a third party flow builder to dynamically populate on the collection pages. Obviously the collection pages have all individual urls. The format of the URL you can find here:

The users enters his data in the third party flow which is embedded. So I can fetch all his personal data with the tool. But I need to know in which product he is interested. Therefore I need to fetch the URL with the third party tool.
The tool is not able to fetch a full URL. The tool can only fetch URL parameters. E.g. if the URL would look like: or similar

Unfortunately, in the slug I cannot add special characters. Is there any way how to solve this? I tried to find a solution for myself for days but do not get it.

Thanks a lot in advance!! My project is currently highly confidential, so I do not want to share the link, if not absolutely necessary.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Everything depends on the integration you need, and the integration options your tools offer. For example if your third party “flow builder” is running in an IFRAME, you’d likely need to window messages to pass data between the IFRAMEd page and your hosting page.

You’d have to decide what you need to pass where, and when.

I specialize in solving problems like this but with such as limited view of the problem, I’m not even certain whether what you’re wanting to do can be done.

But it’s not Webflow-specific. Your best bet might be to investigate the toolmaker and their community forums and see how they integrate with other sites.