Set CMS Collection Page as Homepage


I want to use a category grid as my homepage, but I can’t find the option to set the CMS collection page I’ve created as my homepage.

I saw a request for this feature from 2017 and was wondering if there’s a way to do it since I believe it’s a very common use case.


I don’t think that’s possible and any workarounds (like 301 redirects) would be bad for SEO.

Could you just create a collection list and use filters to make it look like the collection page you want?

Thanks for your reply @sarwech

I could do that, but if I make changes beyond just style to one of the grids, I’d need to update the other one manually.

How do you know it’s bad for SEO? I wasn’t able to find any info online that would support that.

It appears you’re right. It’s not necessarily bad unless used excessively.