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Serving Different (Images) Content Based on Time of Day

Does anyone have any solutions or resources to serve different images based on time of day?

More specifically we got:


1 - Serve day-picture-bg.png between 8am-8pm
2 - Serve night-picture.png between 8pm-8am

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Google is your friend -

Did it work for you @miekwave ? I want to make the same with a Div Block but it doesn’t work.

<script> var now = new Date(); var hours = now.getHours(); var dayMode = hours24 < 12 ? "am" : "pm"; if(hours >= 19 && hours <= 7){ $('.night').show(); } else{ $('.night').hide(); } if(hours >= 7 && hours <= 19){ $('.day').show(); } else{ $('.day').hide(); } </script>

I’m trying to do something similar. I want an image to be visible or invisible depending on the time. I’m trying to setup a function on a restaurants website that says if they’r open or closed. I would like the “open” image to show during their hours of operation and then show a “closed” image when they’re not open. I’m having a hard time knowing what to even search for on google to figure this out.