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[Service Status]Is anyone experiencing issues with hosting service 25 Feb 2021?

I’m getting alerts and reports on problems with webflow hosted sites. We are currently receiving a 503 error when connecting to the website.
Is anyone else experiencing connection issues?
Status page shows everything is operational

Yep, we are experiencing this, too. domain and also connected custom domain.

Same here. Gateway errors using the designer.

Hi All,

Thanks for reporting this. I have done some additional digging into this and it would appear that a handful of you had some network errors. To what extent I am uncertain of yet, but as soon as we do I or someone from our team will reach out.


Just wanted to update you all here. There was a network attack this morning that targeted a single site, however it affected all of your sites. The issue has since been resolved and you should be back up and running.

If you are still seeing issues, please submit a Support issue and DM me that you have and I will make sure it gets taken a look at.

@WebDev_Brandon Thanks for the update.