Server side Auth Token for Loyalty Lion integration on webflow

Hey everyone, I’m migrating from Shopify to Webflow.
I used Loyalty Lions as a loyalty program platform.
I’m trying to follow the instructions and I managed to install the SDK, make it communicate the creation of new members through a zapier zap from MemberStack. Communicate the actions from Webflow.

I only have no idea how to create the auth-token needed for loyalty lions to recognize whether a customer is logged in or not.

The guide is here:

I basically need to use PHP. Is there a way to do what’s in the guide link? A workaround of some sort? Anything?

Hi @Andrea_Parialo
Unfortunately, server-side code languages such as PHP are not compatible with Webflow. I’ve not used loyalty lion before but noticed it says they have an API. Perhaps you could handle what you are trying to achieve using the API instead?