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Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy

Hi there,

I am currently trying to improve my website performance and after doing some audits with GTmetrix, I have found that I would need to implement an efficient cache policy. Have you already work on something similar? How to do it?

You will find here the link for GTmetrix:


Here is my site preview link: Webflow - Drover Club

Many thanks for your time given,

Since you have no control over the CDN or site hosting you can’t address these issues. Only Webflow can unless you export your site and handle it on your own.

Hi Webdev,

Thank you for your reply. Does it mean I have to deal with this request directly with Webflow support?

The choices made by Webflow in regards to hosting are settings affecting all sites, not just yours. Webflow can’t and won’t make changes just for you. They roll them out for everyone. It is safe to say that they are aware of hosting limitations. If this is a requirement for you then you would need to host the site yourself to have complete control.