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'Serve scaled images' impact on page speed?

Hey folks, I am stumped by this so I hope someone can give me a solution.

This is the website’s Read-only Link.

An SEO specialist ran the website through some checks for speed and these 4 pages were flagged as having a slow speed according to GTmetrix.

On GTmetrix, it tells me to Serve Scaled Images & Leverage Browser Caching:

However, I’m not sure what serve scaled images mean? These are blog post pages that also show thumbnails of other blog posts at the bottom, so of course, Webflow resizes those images into smaller thumbnails automatically.

I’m also not sure why out of hundreds of blog post pages using the same collection template, only these 4 pages are flagged as being slow. Is there something I can do to fix the Serve scaled images issue?

Also, how do I ‘Leverage browser caching?’

Any help would be very much appreciated!


So I’m an ideal world, you would have two images for each of your blog posts. The main image, and then a sized down smaller image for the list as shown at the bottom of your blogs.

Currently your using your full size image, and then with css making it smaller, however the full size image is still loading, which takes longer than if you used a smaller one for this list. So they are being resized with code, but not in the actual file size.

It looks like a few of the photos are quite a bit larger, and then scaled down. So the ones showing as slower are the ones that probably include those images.

I’m regards to browser caching, nothing you really need to worry about. Webflow takes care of all of that under the hood. And the things mentioned there are third party resources mainly, which will generally always show ok these speed tests.

Biggest thing you could do is as I said above, have two images for each blog post, sized to where they will be used.

Hope that helps. :+1:

Thanks Drew, will try that out.