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Seriously non responsive, very dissapointed

Found this site and watched your tutorials and it promised a fair bit but disappointed so far.
I couldn’t even get text box to create an extra line??’ Good idea and looks good when your ripping through a tutorial is that on the server by yourself??

Any advice/help welcome but please have a go at my site as if it the template. (any one??) I spent a whole day and pretty much thinking ill go just learn the code if i have another wasted day like that. might try anoher template is someone can recommend one


The link you provided doesn’t work. Could you provide the working link and a link to the read-only version. Webflow is responsive and if you have knowledge of how to layout via html and css then it’s super easy to learn. If you watched the tutorials that walk through a large majority of the Webflow features and can’t make something specific work then I’d recommend posting that specific question.