Serious Flaw with Agency Plan Access Rights – This Needs Addressing!

Hey Webflow community,

I’ve hit a major snag after upgrading to the Agency plan, and frankly, I’m beyond frustrated. Here’s the deal: I brought on another developer, expecting that by shelling out for the Agency plan, we’d smoothly collaborate on all my client projects. Imagine my shock when I find out that despite paying through the nose for an extra seat, my teammate can’t even access my clients’ workspaces. What’s the point?

Calling this setup an “Agency” plan is a joke if our team can’t work on client sites together. It’s misleading and, frankly, unacceptable. I’m astounded by the oversight - we’re paying double, and for what? A glorified Freelancer plan with a fancy name?

It seems ludicrous that the only workaround might be to buy individual Freelancer plans and hassle our clients for direct invites – a logistical nightmare and a tracking disaster waiting to happen. Or worse, should I just hand over my login details and pray for the best? This is ridiculous.

Is anyone else dealing with this nonsense? How are you managing, or is it just me slamming into this wall? Any advice on getting around this blatant cash grab would be much appreciated. Webflow needs to sort this out. It’s not just disappointing; it’s pushing the bounds of false advertising and poor service.

Hey @adam_designo Joshua here from Webflow Support. That doesn’t sound right at all. Both the Agency and Freelancer plans should be doing as you suggest (not just Freelancer). Would you be able to submit a ticket at so that we can take a closer look at what’s going on? Would definitely like to take a look at what’s going on under the hood for your account.