SEO URL problem on slider

Hi Webflow Community,

I have an issue with my website’s “Coworking page” (On the site menu bar marked as Le Cowork) SEO problem. So at the end of the page named “LA COMMUNAUTÉ”, there is a slider bar with arrows to check all the experts quickly.
And even though all the profiles are on the same page, every time I click on the arrow to see the following list of experts, the URL of the page considers each action to move from Page 1 to Page 2 to Page 3, which breaks the onsite SEO.

I’d be very grateful if you share your experience with this type of issue, and share every possible solution.

Here is my site Read-Only link: Webflow - La Briqueterie V2

And the link to the page where we have an issue : La Briqueterie : Espace de Coworking à Marseille

Hi Heghine,

I think you must be talking about this section here, and the URL change you see on paging;


The reason you’re getting that querystring is you have this part designed using a collection list with pagination enabled and 3 items per page. It doesn’t break your SEO but it does slow down navigation without adding much value.

A better approach is to rebuild that section using a library like Swiper.js which is very robust.

Hi Michael,

Thanks a lot for your answer. That’s exactly the part I was talking about :))
So there is no such problem with the Canonical URLs, it’s more of an integration problem?

If you’re using Webflow’s Canonical URL feature, the querystring is ignored- so when you’re on e.g. page 3 of your experts paging, the canonical is still

This means that from Google’s perspective as you click those paging buttons, you’re just navigating back to the same page. For SEO purposes that’s probably exactly what you want, as most of the page would be duplicate content, and your experts are probably detailed on their own pages, which is much more relevant.

There’s nothing you need to do for SEO there.

If you want the UX to be smoother, I’d still replace the paginated collection list with a carousel, but that’s more about smoothness than anything else.