SEO - URL is not on Google / Indexing request rejected

Hi there,

It is the first time for me to setup a webpage. Currently I want to optimize the SEO behavior and configure the necessary elements.

Basically I wanted to follow the following tutorial: Verify your site with Google — Webflow tutorial - YouTube

Unfortunately Google is not able to index my site. The following error is shown in the Google Search Console:

My SEO configuration in Webflow looks as follows:

The Domain setup looks like this:

Here is the read-only link of my site:

Any suggestions are largely appreciated.

Best regards


Hi @SimonR, welcome to the forum and your first post.

Your robots.txt is blocking Google bot.

SEE Create and submit a robots.txt file | Google Search Central

Dear Jeff,

i changed the robots.txt as follows:

and here is my sitemap:

The issue still remains. As reference here is my read-only link of the page:

Any further ideas?

Google (tools and crawlers) do not respond to changes you make instantaneously. Follow the docs and then take a break. Come back and check in a few days. Honestly Google can take plenty of time indexing a site. If you need traffic faster they are happy to sell you ads inventory.


I really appreciate your fast response. I will follow your advice and wait. By the way: The page was able to do a crawling. I will give feedback after a couple of days!



Dear all,

Jeff was right. Now everything is working properly. Make sure you made the right configuration and give Google some time. In my case it took one day.

Best regards


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