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SEO Trends In 2020

What could be the next big SEO trend coming out in 2020? Any predictions?


Now we can say with confidence that the main SEO trends of 2020 are:

1. BERT & User-Focused Optimization
Search engines understand user queries deeper and deeper each year. BERT is about voice search and diversity of semantic.
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2. E-A-T
More expertise, more authoritative, and more trustworthy. Google loves websites with real people that are experts in their field. Give more trust to your website.
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3. UX & Technical SEO
The website should be convenient both for search engine bots and users. It should be easy to index and optimized well. Use Alpha web crawler to scan the website for technical SEO errors.

SEO takes many trends in 2020. First is Mobile and Voice Search, if your page doesn’t look good on a mobile device, or if the mobile version has less content, you may lose rankings in both mobile and desktop search results.
The second trend is Semantic Search and Intent Optimization, Google moved away from exact-matching keyword optimization years ago, yet our industry is somewhat slow to keep up.
The third trend is SERP Marketing and Content Diversification, Google has been taking steps to become a destination, not just a discovery project. With a knowledge graph, quick answers, and interactive and visual results, Google is building an ultimate resource that can give comprehensive answers to any query. I hope this information will help you.