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SEO Title not updating from template title

I’m trying to change my site title from “Landing page template…” which is what it was at the beginning, but I’ve update my SEO title to be EZ Plumbing & Heating | Calgary, Airdrie and Area and it still hasn’t updated with Google. How do I change it?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Google may or may not (up to the algo) use your exact HTML Title and will probably update it soon after the page is crawled again by googlebot. So you have to wait until it happens. You can always check the Google Search Console for your site.

Check this in your browser first just putting the mouse on the link tab. if it ok, then you have to wait for Google updating. Try to check this in Bing also. ( the difference. Thanks

Thanks for responding so quickly to this! I didn’t see your responses until now, turns out the only issue was not publishing it to the domain as well. Any idea why that is?

You did not share a published URL so no way to test and I am forced to guess at your problem.

If you have a custom domain, you should not allow Google to index the site as Google should only be indexing the primary domain. You can control this in project settings.

Thanks Jeff! I have that disabled. What is auto generate site map?

Here’s my preview link: