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SEO Title Issue


I have a question relating to the title for a webflow site in regards to SEO.

My webflow site is a single page design. I have entered an SEO title and description in the site settings page.

When i exported the site, submitted the site to Google, and when i did a search for specific keywords, the results page was showing the description contents rather than the title.

How do i get the title to show up? Do i have the re enter the same information for the title in the page designer settings??


I don’t think so. There is more to it. Try this service it can help you know what went wrong:

signed up for that service u linked to @topelovely

ran a diagnostics test, and one of the errors that came up was that i had too many title tags?
How is that so, and is that related to my original problem?

I don’t think so, but what am sure of is that google result will display both title and page description. Is your seo title more than 30 characters?

the seo meta title is 113 characters in length.

what’s your url… can do a quick check.

I think it shouln’t be more than 30 characters. correct my post. It should short and concise.