SEO Title and Meta description only show when I'm not searching the website


I finished a job recently but have some problem with the SEO Title and Meta description.

The problem that I face is that the right Title and Meta shows when I search for the Name (MVZ Karasu) with random letters after. If I only search for MVZ Karasu a wrong seo will show that states that there is no information about this site.

If I search the website:

If I search the website and mash some buttons along:

The right SEO appears?

Does anyone have any Idea, I’m happy and kinda desperate for every help.

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Here is my site Read-Only: [Webflow - MVZ Karasu]

Yep Google behavior is funky sometimes. From what I’ve seen, it depends on layers of caching that aren’t always in-sync.

From New Zealand, looks fine;

But if you’re still seeing this, you can re-submit your pages through Google Search console and ask Google to re-index them. Beyond that, it’s a waiting game.

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@Burak_Yilamzkarasu - It is also important to understand that Google may, and often does dynamically change the title and snippet shown in the SERPS. Meaning you really don’t have control over what is displayed. What you see and what a visitor might may be completely different based on the query and locality. This is regardless of how fresh the page is, in the index. I always take this into consideration when writing both.

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