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Seo tag title tag change on click away

Hi guys!

I’m relatively new to Webflow. I’m building my first site and i’m absolutely loving the platform so far.

I just wondered if there was any way to change the SEO title tag when a user changes tabs away from your site? Like with this site:

I discovered in whilst doing some research and I’ve never seen it done before, so I wondered if there’s any way of doing this in Webflow!

Hope you’re all having a great day :relaxed:

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Hey there & welcome! :raised_hands:

This is pretty quick to do! You need just a small bit of custom JS:

window.onload = function() {

  var pageTitle = document.title;
  var attentionMessage = 'Come Back!';

  document.addEventListener('visibilitychange', function(e) {
    var isPageActive = !document.hidden;

      document.title = attentionMessage;
    }else {
      document.title = pageTitle;

Best to put inside the "before end of <body>" custom code area inside the “custom code” tab in the project settings.

Here’s an article that explains this code in detail!

If you need help implementing this, just ask!

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Thanks so much, that’s so helpful! Absolute lifesaver!