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SEO Question H3 with contained Link and no Paragraph

SEO Question

Curious what people think the outcome will be.

Anyone have an opinion on how well this H3 will work with the search engines ?

Notice there is an AHREF within the H3… but no detailed (Paragraph) text.
Selecting the link takes the users to another page.

<h3 class="entry-title">
<a href="" rel="bookmark" title="Link Title">Link Text</a>

@itbrian40 and other SEO people.

Curious about what @itbrian40 will say.

I’d say it’s quite normal, a lot of permalinks are placed on titles everywhere. It won’t affect your SEO. it’s “just” a link on an H3. I’d have rather done<a><h3>title</h3></a> instead, because I think that My link is a title has a better semantic logic than There’s a link in my title, but I don’t think it’s going to be any harm for either the understanding or how the page is ranked.

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