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SEO - Pages with duplicate title

Hi all I have run a SEO report with SE Ranking and it has reported duplicated page titles.

It seems it’s my collections that are the problem.

Here’s my share link.

I guess I’m doing something wrong just to sure what.

I have attached a screen shot of the list of duplicated pages.



Hey Jason,

I’ve checked your website with and get another report about your website. I can recommend you find errors with tool mentioned above then compare data with your previous report. After that, it will be reasonable to create a new strategy for improving your website.

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Hi Mindy Hall I have run the report and fixed a few of the basic issues. I am getting a Critical Error of
URL Vulnerability: Configured wrong. How can that be I am hosting with Webflow.

What do you think I can do about the first post and the duplicated page titles.



Could you please attach screenshot?

Thank you for looking in to it.

Hi all,
I need help, I have the same issue as @jasonjkd. I used to generate the report and this is the results.
URL Vulnerability: Configured wrong
How do i resolve the error in Webflow?


For safer side, Screaming Frog and may be used for a second audit.

I’m getting the same. Just run a report and it said I had 66 pages with duplicate title tags. My site isn’t that big so this must be the blog items but the titles are different for every one, there are no duplicate titles.

I am also getting this, does anyone now how to fix?

Have you reviewed and implemented the CMS settings as outlined in this university article?

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