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SEO optimisation for Collection pages

Hey everyone!

We’ve built a blog platform using collection pages. We’re now looking at making them SEO proof. This is what we did:

In the open graph settings, enter three fields: ‘name’ (of the blog post), ‘intro text’ (first part of the blog post), and ‘SEO tags text field’. This last one is a plain text field where collaborators can write down words that should make our blog posts more easy to find. So for example “cheesecake; banana bread; pizza; birthday cake”.

We have two questions about this:

  1. Is it best to use a plain text field in the open graph settings, or is there a better place to insert tags?
  2. Is a semicolon the best way to divide these words? Or would it matter if we used a comma, dash, tab or something else?

And a related question: is it handy to put anything else in the open graph settings? We were doubting if putting the header in there would be good to do.

Thanks in advance :smile:

I don’t think tags are that relevant any more for SEO :wink:

Thanks for your reply @sarahfrison! Could you maybe elaborate?

I haven’t got any articles for you but that’s the general vibe for a couple of years now @Tessa. Google doesn’t value tags that much anymore. They’ve evolved beyond needing them to understand what the website is about.