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SEO on my site, here is a Snipp showing what it looks like

Read Only:

Temp URL:

I am hosting it outside of Webflow at my hosting company, is there something I need to do to remove the from the meta description and graph?

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Hi @rjbiccum I guess will be replaced by your custom domain after you add it to Webflow.

Note: I would suggest adding some information in Title tag, Meta description and the rest of the fields in SEO settings.

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OK, so wait, I send the code to my hosting company to load my website. Prior to that what would be best practices steps to do prior to sending the code to my hosting company. Any Tips,
Thank you

also, do I need to go to the project setting to make the changes I need to Meta Title, I don’t seem to be able to go to the page and make the changes. Normally it’s not in white, normally, as I recall seing it there was a field for me to fill in. Perhaps it is because the site is live and that was the info at the time.
Of course I would like to change it since Google must be seriously confused. How is my info not the default. Seems to me Webflow can get some info from my site, say, my H1 title to “guess” the Meta Title and not include since Google will be confused. Is this relevant to Webflow or My Title, “Digital Marketing Agency”, thanks again, hope I wasn’t too confusing

If you hosting the website outside webflow the URL that will appear will be the one being used. In you case the final URL you decided to use. Regarding tips I would suggest you to read this post about SEO with Webflow to get a well rounded understanding about SEO with Webflow