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SEO Keywords and where to add them?

Hey guys, I was wondering where I can put keywords on my site to help it rank on google and other search engines, I know where to put the meta tag and the title just not sure where to put the keywords, I use to use 123-reg and that had a separate box to list all my keywords in before adding then to each page one my website.

Hello @nadalbay

Do you mean the META tag keywords?

Hello @aaronocampo

I know where to put the meta tag keywords but just don’t know where to put list the keywords in.

I use KWFinder to find my keywords my friend told me their should be a box where is said to put them in before adding them to the page

Aren’t meta keywords no longer used in ranking?

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Ok, then just add the keywords there. Use the meta name and the keywords you need.

Although @HammerOz has a good point, Google doesn’t take that into account anymore.

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