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SEO in Accordion

I am a Webflow newbie. I am building a Webflow site which will include episodes for my soon to launch podcast. On each episode page (see link below) I will be including episode resources like show notes, transcript, etc. Due to the length of the show notes, I created accordions that format the data from the CMS. My goal is to have the show notes and transcript help from an SEO perspective. Will this work or no since the content is in an accordion? If not, any suggestions on how to approach this? Thanks in advance!

Recently there has been some debate over this with accordions. Never fully clarified from what I have seen, however from my understanding, if it loads, Google sees it and indexes it. So it should be recognized and help with your SEO.

However if you are worried about it, you could just leave it out of an accordion and deal with the long page, since that is that would definitely be indexed.

Thanks, Drew. Any suggestions on how to make the user experience better if I leave it out the accordion? Perhaps cerate a box with links to each page section that floats down the page as a user scrolls?