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Im focusing now on SEO for my site and I’ve come to the impression that my H1 for each post should be different to the title of the blog post, is that the general opinion?

I also wanted to check I am doing this correctly: should my H1 tag be at the top of the rich text field in my blog template?
I’m also going to update all of my urls as I now realise they should only be 3-5 words and contain key search terms I’m focusing on for that post, is there anything that stands out that I am doing drastically wrong?: The 22 Best Things To Do In South America!

thats one of my posts

Thank you I appreciate any help, I just didnt want to update all my blog posts and find id done something simple wrong.

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I am moving this to SEO help

Different how? In size or content? Your H1 tags should dominate everything else on the page. One H1 per page. Everything else permeates down from H2 tags and so on.

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same here, i was tasked to put this tags on SEO but dont have any idea on how to do it. How to setup SEO Tags and SEO Analyzer Tool?

@itbrian40 different in content

Can you give me an example, because I still don’t understand what you mean. You title a blog post with an H1 and use H2 for a sub-head, but I still don’t think I’m getting the full picture of what you’re asking without an example.

Yes, H1 tag and Title of the page need to be different. Best SEO practice would be writing a H1 and Title including targeted keyword of the page. This is not mandatory, but it helps to increase the ranking of the website.

As far as URL of the blog is considered, it is ok if your blog post are having long URL’s. And yes, it is good practice to use keywords you are targeting in the page in the URL of the post as well.

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Thank you for your help

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