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SEO for new product page not working

I want to preface this forum post by saying that I fully understand that it can take a long time for SEO to be optimized for new pages. With that being said, I’m wondering if there are any quick suggestions to improve the SEO for a new page on my company’s website.

We recently launched a new product and with that, a new product page. The page went live on March 19th, so almost 2 full weeks ago. As of right now, when I search the term “PosiTest HHD” (the name of our new product), the search yields results for every other page on our site even slightly related to the product, as well as our distributor’s pages that they have created to promote the product, but does not show the main product page on our website ( On my browser Google only shows me 4 pages of direct matches and it is not listed on any of them.

Is there something wrong with that page specifically that would prohibit it from showing up in search results? I’ve checked the page’s SEO settings, all of the wording, and I’ve even gone through and checked that all of the alt tags on the images were correct just as an added SEO boost. If it is just a matter of needing time I guess I can wait but this seems like odd behavior.

Any suggestions?

Read only link:

Do you use google’s search console? Other than that, it’s often just a waiting game once everything’s set up

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I do have Google Search Console but probably don’t use it as often as I should. I just checked it though and that page wasn’t even indexed on Google so I just requested an index and now I will wait.

Hopefully this helps, thank you so much!

Oh wow, I just checked and it’s already at the top of the Google Search results on my browser! Thanks. :smiley: I knew something was wrong somewhere just couldn’t tell where.

That might help :slight_smile: . Do keep into account that using your own browser (rather than ranking results like what you see in search console) will be affected by your previous searches. It’s called the search bubble. Search engines show you what they (read google) think you want to see.

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That can be caused by a lot of different problems.