Sending Orders to the Courier Service

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I’m building an ecommerce for a client, his courier service told me to upload a txt file with the order info inside an ftp area of them.
How do you guys manage this kind of scenario? I mean, I can write a script that reads the order info through webflow APIs, create the file and send it to the ftp area, but is there any kind of automation that can help us to do this in a better way?

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I notice Integromat has their own FTP integration . May be worth a look

Hi @HammerOz, thank you for the response. I’m checking it now, it looks that i can manage it through this solution. Thank you :+1: :grinning:

Good one! Nice win if it does the trick :white_check_mark:

Hi I am working on a courier tracking website. Meanwhile I am planning to establish an ecommerce store. I want to know that How can I use that tracking website with my ecommerce store. For example if someone orders a product from the store and later he wants to track the product, so he should be using my tracking website. Is it possible?